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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#25 Dynamic memory allocation accepted anphi Enhancement FLEXPART 10 major
#26 configure script assigned New feature Long-term tasks major
#28 Trivial parallelisation accepted pesei Task major
#30 Documentation for domain-filling runs accepted hasod Task major
#37 Kernels for receptor output new sthen Enhancement Long-term tasks major
#38 Testing environment accepted anphi New feature Long-term tasks major
#43 Library for reading output accepted pesei Task major
#48 Crash with grib1 GFS/FNL assigned ignacio Defect FLEXPART 9.2 major
#49 erf.f90 type mismatch with newer gfortran compilers assigned igpis Defect FLEXPART 10 major
#51 Wet deposition - other models accepted pesei Task Long-term tasks major
#52 Particle release density assigned ignacio Enhancement major
#54 Particle loss at poles reopened hasod Defect FLEXPART 9.2 major
#56 Parameter numbers in GRIB1/GRIB2 accepted leohaim Task FLEXPART 9.2 major
#59 Improve error messages accepted anphi Enhancement major
#67 Support for removing levels from EN files accepted anphi New feature major
#77 Speeding up FLEXPART accepted pesei Enhancement FLEXPART 9.2 major
#94 Code review for changeset 27 / hasod accepted pesei Task FLEXPART 9.2 major
#101 Code review for changeset 31 / hasod accepted pesei Task FLEXPART 9.2 major
#110 Warm start crashes FLEXPART-WRF accepted jbrioude Defect FLEXPART_WRF_3.4_FPbase_9 major
#114 FLEXPART-WRF of v3.2 cannot read in more than 96 met files? accepted anphi Defect major
#115 Bug in readspecies.f90 accepted pesei Defect FLEXPART 9.2 major
#119 random numbers with fixed seeds in convective scheme reopened somebody Defect FLEXPART_WRF_3.4_FPbase_9 major
#123 bwd runs and receptor output new somebody Enhancement FLEXPART 9.2 major
#134 Issue using *.grb and *.grib2 accepted anphi Defect FLEXPART 9.2 major
#140 vertransform.f90 occasionally fails to initialize accepted pesei Defect FLEXPART 10 major
#143 readwind_gfs() not reading total cloud cover from GRIB2 accepted pesei Defect FLEXPART 9.2 major
#162 Add version information to preprocessing files in FPV9.3.1 new Enhancement major
#169 Seg fault - particles moving out of ABL by hor. diffusion assigned jbrioude Defect FLEXPART_WRF_3.4_FPbase_9 major
#173 Variables "settling" and "idummy" not properly initialized in advance.f accepted pesei Defect major
#175 FpWrf header_nest dxoutn, dyoutn always in metre accepted pesei Defect FLEXPART_WRF_3.4_FPbase_9 major
#191 Grib1 total cloud water field is not recognized assigned ignacio Defect FLEXPART 10 major
#193 Wrong date format in output filename accepted pesei Defect major
#206 header binary file not created when compiled without netcdf support new Defect FLEXPART 10 major
#210 RECEPTOR syntax error accepted pesei Support major
#211 Incremental vs. cumulative deposition assigned ignacio Enhancement major
#213 wrong unit for max convection level in gridcheck new Defect FLEXPART 10 major
#214 global OUTGRID is rejected accepted pesei Defect FLEXPART 10 major
#217 t not in K new Defect major
#220 Issue with NCEP GFS data after 2015-01-14 new Defect major
#222 Richardson Failure - Flexpart WRF 3.3 reopened pesei Support FLEXPART_WRF_3.4_FPbase_9 major
#223 ASCII output type UNFORMATTED accepted pesei Support major
#226 flex_extract WRF data accepted anphi New feature flex_extract_v7.2 major
#231 RELEASE time variation problem assigned ignacio Defect FLEXPART 10 major
#232 Warnings about undefined GRiB2 messages accepted anphi Defect major
#233 Error: NetCDF: Invalid dimension ID or name accepted pasko Defect major
#234 Segmentation fault in interpol_wind_short new Defect major
#235 Problems when restarting from a partposit file new Defect major
#236 Bad wind_option / time_option combination is not forbidden by WRF-FLEXPART new Defect major
#237 Inconsistent netCDF output new Defect major
#238 Inconsistency when shifting longitudes? new Defect major
#241 *** read_ncwrfout_1realfield -- var ndims mismatch for CLDFRA new Defect major
#242 richardson not working -- bad h accepted pesei Defect major
#244 Problem in grid area size new Support major
#247 allow for using WRF output with lakes new Defect major
#248 Inconsistency between Pisso et al paper and model behavior accepted saeck Defect major
#252 FLEXPART-WRF crashes for array bound mismatch new Defect major
#269 Compilation without netCDF not properly implemented, grib_api -> eccodes accepted pesei Defect FLEXPART 10 major
#270 readreceptors.f90: bug in namelist version accepted pesei Defect FLEXPART 10 major
#275 FLEXTRA not compilable against eccodes accepted pesei Enhancement FLEXTRA 6 major
#278 Receptor output - missing features new Enhancement FLEXPART 10 major
#281 problem with caldate accepted pesei Enhancement FLEXPART 10 major
#282 Eliminate code duplications new Enhancement Long-term tasks major
#292 Problem reading TKE_PBL - Flexpart-WRF new Support major
#293 FLEXPART-WRF takes wrong OUTGRID information new Defect major
#294 domain filling runs output for each release is forbidden new Support major
#295 New interpolation scheme for precipitation accepted anphi New feature FLEXPART 10 major
#296 Compiling fails on Mac OS 10.15 with "unable to execute command: Illegal instruction" error accepted mduetsch Defect major
#300 ECCODES ERROR : get: pv Passed array is too small accepted anphi Defect major
#302 Create flex_extract_precip accepted anphi New feature flex_extract_v7.2 major
#306 FLEXPART_MPI does not work properly with mquasilag=1 assigned espen Enhancement FLEXPART 10.4.1 major
#307 Flexpart-WRF crashes due to array boundary violation in outgrid_init_reg.f90 accepted pesei Defect major
#308 FLEXPART-WRF: Sorry t not in [K] new Defect major
#309 something wrong Matlab read the output "header" from FLEXPART10.4 new Defect FLEXPART 10 major
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