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error in flex_extract-7.1.3

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Component: flex_extract Version: flex_extract_v7.1.2
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dear FLEXPART technical support,

I try to use the flex_extract version 7.1.3 on the new ECMWF machin Atos.

I succeeded to launch the job but I have an error in the middle of the process:

MARS retrieve done ...
Prepare 20201106/to/20201106
Traceback (most recent call last):

File "../Source/Python?/", line 268, in <module>


File "../Source/Python?/", line 109, in main

prepare_flexpart(ppid, c)

File "/home/sof0/flex_extract_v7.1.3/Source/Python/Mods/", line 160, in prepare_flexpart


File "/home/sof0/flex_extract_v7.1.3/Source/Python/Classes/", line 852, in write_namelist

from genshi.template.text import NewTextTemplate?

ModuleNotFoundError?: No module named 'genshi'

Thank you in advance for your response.


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