Collect as much of the recent developments made by different developers as possible, implement at least some of the plans agreed by the 2012 developer workshop, and produce a new version that will serve as base for all the future developments. Main ticket is ticket:45.

Note that Milestone due date is very much tentative!

Collect all on-going or long term tasks here, for which no specific version or due date is set (yet). Due date given here is only pro forma.

Bugfixes and minor improvements for v10.4

Add new functionality and science:

  1. Parallel version of code
  2. Wet scavenging to use cloud water and cloud ice fields
  3. a lot more...

Also consider all the bugs listed for milestone:"FLEXPART 9.2"

These new features were implemented and released as v10.4. However, not all features are represented in tickets, and many of the tickets are not considered in this release, or we don't know. Therefore, we keep this milestone open and it will be valid also for the next release 10.5.

Bug fixes Changes required due to ECMWF software updates

Collect FpWrf issues - will either be solved quickly and go into a new micro release 3.3.x, or wait for 3.4 which does not yet have a planned date.

make FLEXTRA up-to-date and include functionality of FLEXTRA_MH, FLEXTRA for A-Life (internally labelled v. 6.0)

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