Collect as much of the recent developments made by different developers as possible, implement at least some of the plans agreed by the 2012 developer workshop, and produce a new version that will serve as base for all the future developments. Main ticket is ticket:45.

Note that Milestone due date is very much tentative!

Add new functionality and science:

  1. Parallel version of code
  2. Wet scavening to use cloud water and cloud ice fields

Collect all on-going or long term tasks here, for which no specific version or due date is set (yet). Due date given here is only pro forma.

FLEXPART-WRF releases 3.3.x Builds on 3.2 BETA. Includes new land-use options which requires an additional options entry in the input file (i.e. some compatibility with earlier versions is broken).

Note: See TracRoadmap for help on using the roadmap.
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