FLEXPART Developer Workshop February 2012

1st FLEXPART developer workshop.

Place: ZAMG, Vienna, Austria

Time: 8-10 February 2012


  • G. Wotawa (GW; ZAMG, Chair)
  • P. Seibert (PS; BOKU)
  • A. Stohl (AS; NILU)
  • Harald Sodemann (HS; ETH Zurich)
  • Stephan Henne (SH; EMPA)
  • S. Eckhardt (SE; NILU)
  • Massimo Cassiani (MC; NILU)
  • Ignacio Pisso (IP; JAMSTEC)
  • Jiye Zeng (JZ; NIES)
  • P. Skomorowski (PS; ZAMG),
  • Helfried Scheifinger (HS; ZAMG)

Topics discussed:

  1. Coding and performance issues
  2. Discussion block 2: Model physics and simulated processes
  3. Usability and operability


The most important outcome is the site with trac and SVN. Other outcomes (tasks) appear as tickets on if not already implemented.

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