Jun 22, 2017:

2:17 PM Ticket #146 (Please tag released versions in Git) closed by pasko
fixed: Tags where set, so closing this ticket
2:13 PM Ticket #154 (Adding CTBTO-requested features to FPv9.3.1 GRIB2FLEXPART) closed by pasko
2:12 PM Ticket #172 (Creating new FPv9.3.2 branch for NetCDF4 implementation of ...) closed by pasko
2:07 PM Ticket #170 (FPv10 (2016-11-2) not working with old ECMWF GRIB1 as it was in Summer 2016) closed by pasko
fixed: You can close this ticket yourself by setting the ticket to 'resolve …

Jun 20, 2017:

4:34 PM Ticket #114 (FLEXPART-WRF of v3.2 cannot read in more than 96 met files?) reopened by anphi

Jun 14, 2017:

11:33 AM Ticket #171 (Segmentation Fault Flexpart WRF 3.3) closed by pesei
duplicate: I think the main topic of this ticket is solved by #156. Thus I'll …

Jun 12, 2017:

1:28 PM Ticket #174 (BUG in FLEXPART-WRF makefile.mom) closed by pesei
fixed: Corrected version available as FpWrf3.3.2
1:26 PM FpLimitedareaWrf edited by pesei
v3.3.2 (diff)
6:18 AM New download flexpart_wrf_3.3.2.tar.gz created by admin
(406.0 KB) Flexpart-WRF Version 3.3.2

Jun 9, 2017:

2:50 PM Ticket #155 (Minor modifications in packaging of FPv9.3.1c for CTBTO use) closed by pesei
2:48 PM FpShowcases edited by pesei
add EMPA, modify rest (diff)
2:39 PM FtShowcases created by pesei

Jun 7, 2017:

9:08 PM Ticket #174 (BUG in FLEXPART-WRF makefile.mom) created by ahilboll
In the current (i.e., v3.3.1) makefile.mom, there's a small bug …

May 31, 2017:

10:11 AM Changeset in flexpart.git [72d3a5a]dev by Espen Sollum ATMOS <eso@…>
Bugfix in verttransform (call to function ew)
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