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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#122 Improve MQUASILAG option somebody Enhancement critical FLEXPART 9.2 FP physics/numerics
#29 OH chemistry sthen New feature major FLEXPART 10 FP physics/numerics
#37 Kernels for receptor output sthen Enhancement major Long-term tasks FP physics/numerics
#123 bwd runs and receptor output somebody Enhancement major FLEXPART 9.2 FP physics/numerics
#162 Add version information to preprocessing files in FPV9.3.1 Enhancement major FP other
#206 header binary file not created when compiled without netcdf support Defect major FLEXPART 10 FP coding/compilation
#213 wrong unit for max convection level in gridcheck Defect major FLEXPART 10 FP coding/compilation
#217 t not in K Defect major FP coding/compilation
#220 Issue with NCEP GFS data after 2015-01-14 Defect major FP other
#226 flex_extract WRF data anphi New feature major flex_extract_v7.2 flex_extract
#230 ERA5 retrieval with ECMWF Web API is deprecated; new CDS API is needed anphi New feature major flex_extract_v7.2 flex_extract
#234 Segmentation fault in interpol_wind_short Defect major FP other
#235 Problems when restarting from a partposit file Defect major FP other
#236 Bad wind_option / time_option combination is not forbidden by WRF-FLEXPART Defect major FP other
#237 Inconsistent netCDF output Defect major FP other
#238 Inconsistency when shifting longitudes? Defect major FP other
#241 *** read_ncwrfout_1realfield -- var ndims mismatch for CLDFRA Defect major FP input data
#244 Problem in grid area size Support major FP physics/numerics
#247 allow for using WRF output with lakes Defect major FP other
#252 FLEXPART-WRF crashes for array bound mismatch Defect major FP coding/compilation
#257 Issue with warm start Support major FLEXPART 10 FP other
#277 trouble understanding init_domainfill.f90 Support major FP coding/compilation
#39 Interpolation close to the poles somebody Task minor FP physics/numerics
#199 gridcheck: checking array dimensions needs to be improved Defect minor FLEXPART 10 FP coding/compilation
#228 Add horizontal self-propelled vector to particle New feature minor FP other
#243 New NCEP FV3 GRIB files result in minor FLEXPART errors Defect trivial FLEXPART 10 FP input data
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