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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#286 Bug for local public ERA5 data / flex_extract v7.1.2 accepted Defect blocker flex_extract_v7.1.3 flex_extract
#301 Bug in flex_extract due to python3 upgrade at ECMWF ecgate env accepted Defect blocker flex_extract_v7.1.3 flex_extract
#297 gridcheck_ecmwf.f90: fix of small bug and improvements accepted Defect critical FLEXPART 10 FP coding/compilation
#25 Dynamic memory allocation accepted Enhancement major FLEXPART 10 FP coding/compilation
#38 Testing environment accepted New feature major Long-term tasks FP other
#59 Improve error messages accepted Enhancement major FP coding/compilation
#67 Support for removing levels from EN files accepted New feature major FP input data
#114 FLEXPART-WRF of v3.2 cannot read in more than 96 met files? accepted Defect major FP other
#134 Issue using *.grb and *.grib2 accepted Defect major FLEXPART 9.2 FP input data
#226 flex_extract WRF data accepted New feature major flex_extract_v7.2 flex_extract
#232 Warnings about undefined GRiB2 messages accepted Defect major flex_extract
#295 New interpolation scheme for precipitation accepted New feature major FLEXPART 10 FP physics/numerics
#300 ECCODES ERROR : get: pv Passed array is too small accepted Defect major flex_extract
#302 Create flex_extract_precip accepted New feature major flex_extract_v7.2 flex_extract
#266 FIX: Remove flex_extract v7.1 from ECMWF server before new installation accepted Task minor flex_extract_v7.2 flex_extract
#298 Running preprocessing with previously loaded grib files accepted Support minor flex_extract_v7.1.3 flex_extract
#304 INSTALLDIR not passed to the installation accepted Defect minor flex_extract_v7.1.3 flex_extract
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