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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#139 Bad do-loop in richardson.f90 accepted pesei Defect minor FLEXPART 9.2
#115 Bug in readspecies.f90 accepted pesei Defect major FLEXPART 9.2
#94 Code review for changeset 27 / hasod accepted pesei Task major FLEXPART 9.2
#101 Code review for changeset 31 / hasod accepted pesei Task major FLEXPART 9.2
#269 Compilation without netCDF not properly implemented, grib_api -> eccodes accepted pesei Defect major FLEXPART 10.4.1
#296 Compiling fails on Mac OS 10.15 with "unable to execute command: Illegal instruction" error accepted mduetsch Defect major
#340 Deposition and particle reflection new Support blocker
#25 Dynamic memory allocation accepted anphi Enhancement major FLEXPART 10
#233 Error: NetCDF: Invalid dimension ID or name accepted pasko Defect major
#50 FLEXPART can crash with some GFS data accepted jbrioude Enhancement minor FLEXPART 9.2
#252 FLEXPART-WRF crashes for array bound mismatch new Defect major
#138 FLEXPART.f90 should not call readpaths with an argument accepted pesei Defect trivial FLEXPART 9.2
#306 FLEXPART_MPI does not work properly with mquasilag=1 assigned espen Enhancement major FLEXPART 10.4.1
#307 Flexpart-WRF crashes due to array boundary violation in outgrid_init_reg.f90 accepted pesei Defect major
#175 FpWrf header_nest dxoutn, dyoutn always in metre accepted pesei Defect major FLEXPART_WRF_3.4_FPbase_9
#151 Improper use of MPI_IN_PLACE assigned espen Defect minor FLEXPART 10
#59 Improve error messages accepted anphi Enhancement major
#238 Inconsistency when shifting longitudes? new Defect major
#211 Incremental vs. cumulative deposition assigned ignacio Enhancement major
#176 No error issued if insufficient number of SPECIES (FpWrf) accepted pesei Defect minor FLEXPART_WRF_3.4_FPbase_9
#322 Problem with backward simulation new Support major
#276 Problems creating NetCDf output with many output levels accepted ignacio Defect minor FLEXPART 10
#235 Problems when restarting from a partposit file new Defect major
#231 RELEASE time variation problem assigned ignacio Defect major FLEXPART 10
#234 Segmentation fault in interpol_wind_short new Defect major
#173 Variables "settling" and "idummy" not properly initialized in advance.f accepted pesei Defect major
#193 Wrong date format in output filename accepted pesei Defect major
#26 configure script assigned New feature major Long-term tasks
#49 erf.f90 type mismatch with newer gfortran compilers assigned igpis Defect major FLEXPART 10
#214 global OUTGRID is rejected accepted pesei Defect major FLEXPART 10
#199 gridcheck: checking array dimensions needs to be improved new Defect minor FLEXPART 10
#297 gridcheck_ecmwf.f90: fix of small bug and improvements accepted anphi Defect critical FLEXPART 10
#206 header binary file not created when compiled without netcdf support new Defect major FLEXPART 10
#204 namelist input for RELEASES needs more checking accepted pesei Defect critical FLEXPART 10
#270 readreceptors.f90: bug in namelist version accepted pesei Defect major FLEXPART 11
#242 richardson not working -- bad h assigned igpis Defect major FLEXPART_WRF_3.4_FPbase_9
#217 t not in K new Defect major
#213 wrong unit for max convection level in gridcheck new Defect major FLEXPART 10
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