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Bad do-loop in richardson.f90

Reported by: adingwell Owned by: pesei
Priority: minor Milestone: FLEXPART 9.2
Component: FP coding/compilation Version: FLEXPART 9.0.2
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When determining the levels to use for the Richardson number, the following loop is executed:

  ! Integrate z up to one level above zt

  do k=2,nuvz
    if ( .and. goto 20
  end do
  20   continue

The final k-value is then used for the main calculation in a second loop:

  do i=1,20
    ril=ga/thetaref*(thetal-thetaref)*(zl-zref)/ &
    if ( goto 25
  end do

When a level is caught by the if-statement in the first loop, everything works as expected. However, if the expression in that if-statement is never satisfied, the loop exits by reaching the upper limit (k=nuvz). In standard Fortran this means that the final value will be k=nuvz+1, which means that ulev and vlev will exceed their bounds in the second loop!

This problem might go undetected without strict compiler flags, but it's probably causing some strange behaviour even when the error is not raised.

A quick work-around to this problem is to add "k=k-1" between "end do" and "20 continue". I'm not sure if this is a good solution from a physical point of view...

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comment:1 Changed 8 years ago by espen

Fixed for version 10 (git branch "dev")


comment:2 Changed 8 years ago by pesei

  • Milestone set to FLEXPART 9.2
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Thanks, should also be fixed in Fp9.2

comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by pesei

  ! fix bug ticket:139 as follows:
  print*,'Warning - in richardson.f90, no Ri_c found'
  k = nuvz

fixed in Flexpart_9.0.3

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