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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#27 ETEX1 data as part of FLEXPART distribution accepted pesei Task FLEXPART 9.2 minor
#32 Wet deposition: use of cloud water fields accepted anphi Enhancement FLEXPART 10 minor
#36 Convection - don't call every time step accepted pesei Enhancement FLEXPART 9.2 minor
#39 Interpolation close to the poles new somebody Task minor
#44 Cittycat interface accepted ignacio Task Long-term tasks minor
#50 FLEXPART can crash with some GFS data accepted jbrioude Enhancement FLEXPART 9.2 minor
#85 Input file templates accepted pesei Enhancement Long-term tasks minor
#113 Option for incremental wet deposition output accepted pesei New feature minor
#124 Suggest easing of restriction on number of releases in readpartpositions.f90 accepted pesei Enhancement FLEXPART 9.2 minor
#139 Bad do-loop in richardson.f90 accepted pesei Defect FLEXPART 9.2 minor
#151 Improper use of MPI_IN_PLACE assigned espen Defect FLEXPART 10 minor
#168 the coordinate transfo error exceeds 0.02*dx reopened adingwell Support minor
#176 No error issued if insufficient number of SPECIES (FpWrf) accepted pesei Defect FLEXPART_WRF_3.4_FPbase_9 minor
#198 Unsorted trajectories in FLEXTRA flightmode with constant initialization time accepted pesei Enhancement minor
#199 gridcheck: checking array dimensions needs to be improved new Defect FLEXPART 10 minor
#205 Output format for trajectories.txt accepted pesei Defect FLEXPART 10 minor
#216 how to know endpoint of each released particle accepted pesei Support FLEXPART_WRF_3.4_FPbase_9 minor
#228 Add horizontal self-propelled vector to particle new New feature minor
#266 FIX: Remove flex_extract v7.1 from ECMWF server before new installation new anphi Task flex_extract_v7.1.1 minor
#267 setting up flexpartwrf for radionuclide dispersion at meso-scale new Defect minor
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