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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#30 Documentation for domain-filling runs accepted hasod Task major
#38 Testing environment accepted anphi New feature major Long-term tasks
#49 erf.f90 type mismatch with newer gfortran compilers accepted pesei Defect major FLEXPART 9.2
#110 Warm start crashes FLEXPART-WRF accepted jbrioude Defect major FLEXPART_WRF_3.4_FPbase_9
#114 FLEXPART-WRF of v3.2 cannot read in more than 96 met files? accepted anphi Defect major
#162 Add version information to preprocessing files in FPV9.3.1 new Enhancement major
#191 Grib1 total cloud water field is not recognized assigned ignacio Defect major FLEXPART 10
#210 RECEPTOR syntax error accepted pesei Support major
#211 Incremental vs. cumulative deposition assigned ignacio Enhancement major
#220 Issue with NCEP GFS data after 2015-01-14 new Defect major
#234 Segmentation fault in interpol_wind_short new Defect major
#235 Problems when restarting from a partposit file new Defect major
#236 Bad wind_option / time_option combination is not forbidden by WRF-FLEXPART new Defect major
#237 Inconsistent netCDF output new Defect major
#238 Inconsistency when shifting longitudes? new Defect major
#247 allow for using WRF output with lakes new Defect major
#248 Inconsistency between Pisso et al paper and model behavior accepted saeck Defect major
#257 Issue with warm start new Support major FLEXPART 10
#124 Suggest easing of restriction on number of releases in readpartpositions.f90 accepted pesei Enhancement minor FLEXPART 9.2
#168 the coordinate transfo error exceeds 0.02*dx reopened adingwell Support minor
#228 Add horizontal self-propelled vector to particle new New feature minor
#229 flex_extract requires grib_api even when run in gateway mode accepted anphi Enhancement trivial
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