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flexpart-wrf build fails on OSX with PGI fortran

Reported by: rfe Owned by: somebody
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Component: FP coding/compilation Version: FLEXPART-WRF
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I can't get flexpart-wrf to build on OSX with either
PGI or GNU fortran. I did get it to build and run with
linux/gnu fortran.

Here is info about the OSX/PGI attempt:

OSX version 10.9.5
Xcode version 6.0.1
pgf90 version 13.10-0 64-bit target on Apple OS/X -tp sandybridge

Source code from

Modified to
Choose using PGI compiler
Set path for NetCDF include and lib
Set path to pgf90 compiler
Remove -mcmodel=medium option

Attempt to build with make -f serial

Output =

/opt/pgi/osx86-64/13.10/bin/pgf90 -c -I/sw/include -fastsse par_mod.f90
/opt/pgi/osx86-64/13.10/bin/pgf90 -c -I/sw/include -fastsse com_mod.f90
/opt/pgi/osx86-64/13.10/bin/pgf90 -c -I/sw/include -fastsse conv_mod.f90


/opt/pgi/osx86-64/13.10/bin/pgf90 -c -I/sw/include -fastsse write_ncheader.f90
/opt/pgi/osx86-64/13.10/bin/pgf90 -c -I/sw/include -fastsse write_ncinfo.f90
/opt/pgi/osx86-64/13.10/bin/pgf90 *.o -o flexwrf31_pgi_serial -L/sw/lib -fastsse -lnetcdff
final section layout:

TEXT/text addr=0x100000E60, size=0x001D3090, fileOffset=0x00000E60, type=1
TEXT/stubs addr=0x1001D3EF0, size=0x000002DC, fileOffset=0x001D3EF0, type=28
TEXT/stub_helper addr=0x1001D41CC, size=0x000004D4, fileOffset=0x001D41CC, type=32
TEXT/cstring addr=0x1001D46A0, size=0x000045B3, fileOffset=0x001D46A0, type=13
TEXT/const addr=0x1001D8C60, size=0x00002468, fileOffset=0x001D8C60, type=0
TEXT/unwind_info addr=0x1001DB0C8, size=0x000008A0, fileOffset=0x001DB0C8, type=22
TEXT/eh_frame addr=0x1001DB968, size=0x00013680, fileOffset=0x001DB968, type=19
DATA/dyld addr=0x1001EF000, size=0x00000010, fileOffset=0x001EF000, type=30
DATA/nl_symbol_ptr addr=0x1001EF010, size=0x00000010, fileOffset=0x001EF010, type=29
DATA/got addr=0x1001EF020, size=0x00000050, fileOffset=0x001EF020, type=29
DATA/la_symbol_ptr addr=0x1001EF070, size=0x000003D0, fileOffset=0x001EF070, type=27
DATA/mod_init_func addr=0x1001EF440, size=0x00000468, fileOffset=0x001EF440, type=33
DATA/const addr=0x1001EF8C0, size=0x00000800, fileOffset=0x001EF8C0, type=0
DATA/data addr=0x1001F00C0, size=0x00039664, fileOffset=0x001F00C0, type=0
DATA/common addr=0x100230000, size=0x00077AE0, fileOffset=0x00000000, type=25
DATA/bss addr=0x1002A7AE0, size=0x00184F30, fileOffset=0x00000000, type=25
DATA/huge addr=0x100430000, size=0x129362108, fileOffset=0x00000000, type=25
PGIinfo/IPDINFO addr=0x229793000, size=0x000570B1, fileOffset=0x00234000, type=0
PGIinfo/IPEINFO addr=0x2297EA0B1, size=0x00000179, fileOffset=0x0028B0B1, type=0

ld: unexpected bindingNone in '_boundcond_domainfill_' from boundcond_domainfill.o for architecture x86_64
make: * [serial] Error 2

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just a technical remark: for quoting pieces of code or output, please enclose them in {{{
for quoting commands in-line, you can use backquotes ` ... `

comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by jbrioude

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I don't have any experience with OSX. Someone else has to take this ticket.

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by pesei

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It seems that FLEXPART developers don't have experience with OSX. I would suggest that you ask for help on the FLEXPART mailing list, see RegisteredUser. Maybe you can also get help from PGI people.

I'll close the ticket for now. If you get more information, please post it as a ticket comment (should still be possible even if closed - if needed, we can reopen).

comment:4 Changed 9 years ago by pesei

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