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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#122 Improve MQUASILAG option accepted pesei critical FLEXPART 10.4.1 FP physics/numerics
#25 Dynamic memory allocation accepted anphi major FLEXPART 10 FP coding/compilation
#37 Kernels for receptor output new sthen major Long-term tasks FP physics/numerics
#52 Particle release density assigned ignacio major FP physics/numerics
#59 Improve error messages accepted anphi major FP coding/compilation
#77 Speeding up FLEXPART accepted pesei major FLEXPART 9.2 FP input data
#123 bwd runs and receptor output new somebody major FLEXPART 9.2 FP physics/numerics
#162 Add version information to preprocessing files in FPV9.3.1 new major FP other
#211 Incremental vs. cumulative deposition assigned ignacio major FP coding/compilation
#275 FLEXTRA not compilable against eccodes accepted pesei major FLEXTRA 6 FLEXTRA
#278 Receptor output - missing features new major FLEXPART 10 FP physics/numerics
#281 problem with caldate accepted pesei major FLEXPART 10 FP other
#282 Eliminate code duplications new major Long-term tasks FP other
#306 FLEXPART_MPI does not work properly with mquasilag=1 assigned espen major FLEXPART 10.4.1 FP coding/compilation
#36 Convection - don't call every time step accepted pesei minor FLEXPART 9.2 FP physics/numerics
#50 FLEXPART can crash with some GFS data accepted jbrioude minor FLEXPART 9.2 FP coding/compilation
#85 Input file templates accepted pesei minor Long-term tasks FP input data
#124 Suggest easing of restriction on number of releases in readpartpositions.f90 accepted pesei minor FLEXPART 9.2 FP other
#198 Unsorted trajectories in FLEXTRA flightmode with constant initialization time accepted pesei minor FLEXTRA
#280 Trajectory time 240000 instead of 000000 next day accepted pesei minor FLEXTRA 6 FLEXTRA
#317 Correct OH reaction coefficients for SO2, CO new minor FP other
#325 Flexpart v10.4 test cases run new minor FP input data
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