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#31 Wet deposition - problems with in-cloud/below-cloud scheme accepted pesei Defect FLEXPART 10 critical
#33 Precipitation treatment accepted dearn Defect FLEXPART 9.2 critical
#34 Wet deposition - washout coefficients accepted pesei Defect FLEXPART 9.2 critical
#122 Improve MQUASILAG option accepted pesei Enhancement FLEXPART 10.4.1 critical
#204 namelist input for RELEASES needs more checking accepted pesei Defect FLEXPART 10 critical
#205 Output format for trajectories.txt accepted pesei Defect FLEXPART 10 critical
#297 gridcheck_ecmwf.f90: fix of small bug and improvements accepted anphi Defect FLEXPART 10 critical
#305 FLEXTRA fails with NCEP GFS data after 2021-03-22 accepted pesei Defect FLEXTRA 6 critical
#329 Bias of footprint dependant on particle number new Defect critical
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