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Output format for trajectories.txt

Reported by: ahilboll Owned by: pesei
Priority: critical Milestone: FLEXPART 10
Component: FP post-processing Version: FLEXPART 10.2
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Description (last modified by pesei)

We noticed that the output format in the trajectories.txt file is not optimal. We had the situation that, in backward mode with long simulation times, the -NNNNNNN was so long that there was no space separating the first and second columns any more (for late time steps).

It would be good if the output format could be changed to accomodate long simulations.

I believe that the necessary change is in plumetraj.f90, in line 235., by applying this change:

modified   src/plumetraj.f90
@@ -232,7 +232,7 @@ subroutine plumetraj(itime)
   ! Write out results in trajectory data file
-      write(unitouttraj,'(i5,i8,2f9.4,4f8.1,f8.2,4f8.1,3f6.1,&
+      write(unitouttraj,'(i5,i9,2f9.4,4f8.1,f8.2,4f8.1,3f6.1,&
            &j,itime-(ireleasestart(j)+ireleaseend(j))/2, &
            xcenter,ycenter,zcenter,topocenter,hmixcenter,tropocenter, &

I'm happy to solve this myself - how should I contribute back? Via a patch against git master? Or should I create (am I allowed to do that?) my own branch in Git and you do the merging? Or do you just want to implement that one-character change yourself?

This seems to still be in git master. However, I cannot choose git master as "Version" when reporting this issue. What would be the most convenient thing to do to make it easy for you?

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Dear Andreas,

thank you for reporting this issue. I'll make that change in the format statement.

As of now, it is not foreseen to provide git issue to users. Also the things are a bit more complicated behind the scene than what is visible here, that's also why the dev branch is not very much up-to-date. Also, it is true that the list of versions offered in the trac system is not up-to-date, hope we can improve this soon.

comment:4 Changed 6 years ago by pesei

Fixed this (even used i10 to be on the safe side). Also some minor code improvements.
Pushed to univie branch, changeset:34f1452/flexpart.git
Ignacio, please close the ticket when you have merged this in.

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set to 'critical' so it's not overlooked

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