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Flexpart V10.4 example contained in Pisso et al. (2019) fails

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Component: FP coding/compilation Version: FLEXPART 10.4
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I have installed Flexpart V10.4 along with Flexextract etc. on a Lubuntu 20.04 system. So far as I can see the installation went well. To proceed with testing my aim was to run the first example described in Pisso et al. (2019). I have used Flex_extract to download the relevant input met data:

 --start_date 20170102  --controlfile

and this succesfully results in the EA17010200 etc. files. I then proceeded to amend the pathnames file to point to the correct locations and run Flexpart. Since I assumed the AVAILABLE, OUTGRID, COMMAND and RELEASES files etc. sent with Flexpart would match this example I did not edit them. However, these example files do not match and it seems they are for another date (20120101). Given this I attempted to amend the relevant input files to match the met data I had downloaded. Having done this I have managed to get past many of the initial errors. However, I am now stuck with a series of GRIB1 and GRIB2 message errors e.g.:

***WARNING: undefined GRIB2 message found! 192 128 27 1 parID 27 isec1(6)
***WARNING: undefined GRIB2 message found! 192 128 28 1 parID 28 isec1(6)
***WARNING: undefined GRIB2 message found! 192 128 244 1 parID 244 isec1(6)
***ERROR: input file needs to contain GRIB1 formatted messages

I would appreciate knowing how to resolve this issue. That or which met data I should download to match the other input files associated with Flexpart V10.4.

One other point, I also get the following note:

Note: The following floating-point exceptions are signalling: IEEE_DENORMAL

Perhaps this is related and points to other issues I may have?

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Hello, I also recently started using Flexpart (also version 10.4) and ran into the exact same problem. Using FORMAT GRIB1 in flex_exract gets rid of the wanrings but the last error message remains. Did you find a solution yet?

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  1. Warnings: consider them as just information, does not harm.
  2. Floating-point exception: should not be a problem.
  3. ***ERROR: input file needs to contain GRIB1 formatted messages. This is a recognised bug, see #297. Therefore this ticket is closed duplicate. We'll try to post at least a quick fix soon.
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