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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#27 ETEX1 data as part of FLEXPART distribution accepted pesei minor FLEXPART 9.2 FP input data
#28 Trivial parallelisation accepted pesei major FP input data
#30 Documentation for domain-filling runs accepted hasod major FP other
#39 Interpolation close to the poles new somebody minor FP physics/numerics
#43 Library for reading output accepted pesei major FP post-processing
#44 Cittycat interface accepted ignacio minor Long-term tasks FP post-processing
#51 Wet deposition - other models accepted pesei major Long-term tasks FP physics/numerics
#56 Parameter numbers in GRIB1/GRIB2 accepted anphi major FLEXPART 9.2 FP input data
#94 Code review for changeset 27 / hasod accepted pesei major FLEXPART 9.2 FP coding/compilation
#101 Code review for changeset 31 / hasod accepted pesei major FLEXPART 9.2 FP coding/compilation
#266 FIX: Remove flex_extract v7.1 from ECMWF server before new installation accepted anphi minor flex_extract_v7.2 flex_extract
#312 EMOSLIB to disappear on new HPC in Bologna accepted anphi major flex_extract_v7.1.3 flex_extract
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