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#301 Bug in flex_extract due to python3 upgrade at ECMWF ecgate env anphi Defect major flex_extract_v7.1
#312 EMOSLIB to disappear on new HPC in Bologna anphi Task major
#328 GRIB2 CONVERSION FAILED! error in flex_extract anphi Defect major flex_extract_v7.1.2
#333 CDS download for ERA5 sdor,cvh,cvl,fsor sometimes fails anphi Defect major flex_extract_v7.1.2
#286 Bug for local public ERA5 data / flex_extract v7.1.2 anphi Defect minor flex_extract_v7.1
#298 Running preprocessing with previously loaded grib files anphi Support minor flex_extract_v7.1
#304 INSTALLDIR not passed to the installation anphi Defect minor flex_extract_v7.1
#313 No flux file for the second member with ENDA ERA5 data anphi Defect minor flex_extract_v7.1.2
#315 flex_extract templates with reduced level number anphi New feature minor flex_extract_v7.1.2

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#285 MARS request for ERA5 surface flux data returns "No data is available" error anphi Support major flex_extract_v7.1 fixed
#324 flex_extract on Atos HPCF (ECMWF) in Bologna pesei Support major flex_extract_v7.1.2 fixed
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