How to view code diffs

Trac, the software used for this site, has a very nice tool to view and browse code differences between any versions in the SVN. Step by step recipe:

  1. Go to the view differences page (you can reach this page also via and then clicking "View changes")
  2. Open a new browser tab/window for and descend into the code that is to become the first version for your diff. Let us assume that it is Then copy the URL from the browser's address line, beginning after the slash of browser/. In this case, it would be trunk/src. Paste it into the "From" field in the other window.
  3. Now repeat the procedure for the "To:" field. Let us assume you want to compare with, so you copy branches/FLEXPART_9.1.3/src into the field.
  4. Alternatively, you can start typing in the two fields, and as soon as you enter [t]runk or [b]ranch, possible choices are offered. When you arrive in a directory, type / to see choices.
  5. Click "View changes" and you get
  6. This gives you all the changes in one page, with a table of contents on top, indicating which files have been added, removed, or modified.
    • If you follow a link associated with a filename, you will come to a new page showing the full content of only this file.
    • If you follow the link in the parentheses after the filename (e.g., "(3 diffs)" ), you will be taken to the corresponding place of the first of these diffs on the same page.
    • Note that there is a window on the top right of the page where you can set some viewing options.
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