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This roadmap gives an overview of the development FLEXTRA trajectory model versions. It shall be expanded back into the past. Order is reverse chronologically.

At this moment, no new versions are under preparation.

VersionDate released DownloadImportant changesMain author
1.01996 ?--A. Stohl, G. Wotawa, P. Seibert
2.07/1998 ?download:18Various improvements and bug fixes, many related to isentropic trajectories and to PVA. Stohl, P. Seibert, G. Wotawa
3.01/1999download:19Use of global fields allowed (polar stereographic grids), Nesting allowed, CET option introduced, New method of adding random errors to uncertainty trajectoriesA. Stohl
3.1 download:20
3.2b download:21
3.2c download:22
3.2d download:23
4.0 download:24

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