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This roadmap gives an overview of the development FLEXTRA trajectory model versions. It shall be expanded back into the past. Order is reverse chronologically.

At this moment, no new versions are under preparation.

Version Date releasedDownloadImportant changesMain author(s)
1.0 1996----A. Stohl, G. Wotawa, P. Seibert
2.0 7/1998download:18Various improvements and bug fixes, many related to isentropic trajectories and to PVA. Stohl, P. Seibert, G. Wotawa, P. James
3.0 1/1999download:19Use of global fields allowed (polar stereographic grids), Nesting allowed, CET option introduced, New method of adding random errors to uncertainty trajectoriesA. Stohl
3.1 9/1999download:20Introduction of the FLIGHT mode, bug fix in trajinterpol.f A. Stohl
3.2b 3/2000download:21Output of humidity data along trajectories; fix important bug in gridcheck_nests.f A. Stohl
3.2c 5/2000download:22Bug fix: (avoid crash when the starting time of the first/last trajectory coincides with the first/last wind field A. Stohl
3.2d 6/2000download:23Changes in variable names, output format P. Seibert
3.3 9/2000no downloadvarious changes ?
MH 2006no downloadmixing height calculation and ouput - THIS IS A BRANCHD. Arnold
4.0 7/2008download:24Merging GFS and ECMWF version, implementation of GRIB2 with API library for GFS S. Eckhardt
5.0* 12/2011download:25Reading of grib2 format as in FLEXPART 8.2.2 (this implies Fortran90 with grib_api as module) S. Eckhardt?
5.1 = alife 4/2017no downloadvarious improvements and adaptationsA. Philipp, P. Seibert

* recommended Version!

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