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This roadmap gives an overview of the development FLEXTRA trajectory model versions. Order is reverse chronologically.

* recommended Version!

Version Date releasedDownloadImportant changesMain author(s)
5.1 = alife 4/2017no downloadvarious improvements and adaptationsA. Philipp, P. Seibert
5.0* 12/2011download:25Reading of grib2 format as in FLEXPART 8.2.2 (this implies Fortran90 with grib_api as module) S. Eckhardt?
4.0 7/2008download:24Merging GFS and ECMWF version, implementation of GRIB2 with grib_api library for GFS S. Eckhardt
MH 2006no downloadmixing height calculation and ouput - THIS IS A BRANCHD. Arnold
3.3 9/2000no downloadvarious changes ?
3.2b 3/2000download:21Output of humidity data along trajectories; fix important bug in gridcheck_nests.f A. Stohl
3.2d 6/2000download:23Changes in variable names, output format P. Seibert
3.2c 5/2000download:22Bug fix: (avoid crash when the starting time of the first/last trajectory coincides with the first/last wind field A. Stohl
3.1 9/1999download:20Introduction of the FLIGHT mode, bug fix in trajinterpol.f A. Stohl
3.0 1/1999download:19Use of global fields allowed (polar stereographic grids), Nesting allowed, CET option introduced, New method of adding random errors to uncertainty trajectoriesA. Stohl
2.0 7/1998download:18Various improvements and bug fixes, many related to isentropic trajectories and to PVA. Stohl, P. Seibert, G. Wotawa, P. James
1.0 1996----A. Stohl, G. Wotawa, P. Seibert
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