Institute of Meteorology, University for Natural Resources, AustriaPetra Seibert ECMWF, MM5 version for providing different variants of source-receptor relationships, new MM5 version, receptor-oriented and inverse modelling
Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization, AustriaGerhard WotawaECMWF and GFSOperational implementation to verify compliance with the nuclear test ban
Zentralanstalt fuer Meteorologie und Geodynamik, AustriaHelfried Scheifinger and Mathias LangerECMWF, ALADIN, and MM5Emergency Response, Global Atmospheric Watch, Input interface for Aladin
National Belgian Meteorological Service, BelgiumLiliane Frappez ECMWF
Environment Canada and University of Western Ontario, Canada[Trevor.Carey-Smith@… Trevor Carey-Smith]FLEXTRA, maybe GEMStratosphere-troposphere exchange, using Perl Data Language for visualization
Peking University, ChinaSong YuMM5-
Department of Civil & Structural Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityAijun Ding and Tao WangMM5Analysis of field or aircraft measurement of trace gases and aerosols,study of pollution transport (include biomass burning plumes, urban plumes and Stratospheric intrusions), and intercomparsion with HYSPLIT trajectories etc.
Equipe physico-chimie de la topophere (PCT), Service d'aeronomie, FranceAugustin ColetteECMWF ERA 40Pollution transport, various post-processing tools, interested in interfacing with meso-scale models
Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique, FranceBernard LegrasECMWF, Meso-NH, LMD-Z in the futureExtensive recoding for stratospheric research, version called TRACZILLA. Fortran 90, namelist input, dynamic allocation, direct interpolation from model levels, etc. Meso-NH interface available and LMD-Z interface in development
French Atomic Energy Authority, FrancePhilippe HeinrichMM5, WRF in the futureWRF interface in development
Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique, FranceVincent DanielECMWF, GFS, and MM5plotting interfaces for XMgrace, GrADS
Laboratoire de Physique de l'Atmosphere, Universite de La Reunion, FranceJimmy Leclaire de Bellevue-Stratosphere-troposphere in the vicinity of tropical cyclones and deep convective events
Technical University of Munich, GermanyNicole SpichtingerECMWFPollution transport
Radiological Safety Division, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, IndiaC.Venkata SrinivasMM5-
Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (ISAC), Italian National Research Council (CNR), ItalyFederico Fierli and Paola D'AulerioFLEXTRA, tests with ECMWFIDL routines for output plotting
Energy Research Centre of the NetherlandsAlex VermeulenECMWFSimulations of greenhouse gas transports, Windows PC versions of FLEXTRA/
Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NorwayAndreas Stohl, Sabine Eckhardt, Harald Sodemann and John Burkhart ECMWF and GFSPollution transport, water cycle research
Global Change Impact Studies Centre Islamabad, PakistanRehan Anis and Shoiab RazaECMWFPollution transport
Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia, SpainJose Ardao-BerdejoECMWFOperational
Institut of Energy Technologies, Technical University of Catalonia, SpainDelia Arnold and Arturo VargasMM5, GFS, ECMWFRadon simulation and inverse modelling
Goetheborg University, SwedenAshraf ZakeyMM5-
Meteo Swiss, SwitzerlandPirmin Kaufmann, Peter RothThomas EgliCOSMO and ECMWF modelECMWF version used operationally for emergency response applications
Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, ETH Zurich, SwitzerlandMichael Sprenger and Junbo CuiECMWOzone trend over Europe and its link to atmospheric transport
University of East Anglia, U.K.Kate PrestonECMWF-
University of Greenwich, UK, transport modelling pageStelios PlainiotisECMWFbinary (conc) to ascii converter , also started developing a crossplatform GUI for FLEXPART (C++), limited interactive model runs possible
NOAA/CSD, USA Angevine,Jerome Brioude,Owen Cooper,Yuyan CuiECMWF, GFS, WRFinverse modelling, long range and mesoscale pollutant transport, stratospheric intrusions
Michigan Tech University, USAChris Owen and Drew SnaufferECMWF-
Environmental Protection Agency, USABret AndersonMM5Updated MM5 conversion routines for MM5 V3 file format, MM5 version updated to include flux planes, age spectra, on-line clustering, and Emanuel convective parameterization
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USABenjamin de FoyMM5Mexico City Project, various changes to use MM5 PBL parameters, conversion of output to NARSTO-DES and NetCDF formats
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USAJerome FastWRFsource-receptor relationships, pollutant transport
Central Aerological Observatory, RussiaAlexander GanshinJCDAS, GFS, WRFGreenhouse gases studies and inverse modelling, pollutant transport. FLEXPART with JCDAS data
Centre for Natural Disaster Science, SwedenAdam DingwellWRFMulti-scale hazards from volcanic emissions, NetCDF output in WRF-branch
Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization, AustriaBalazs SzintaiECMWF, WRFHigh resolution pollutant transport

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