Useful links for working with ECMWF's MARS archive and flex_extract

Installation step-by-step:

(this installation instruction is for old versions of flex_extract; see FpInputMetEcmwf for latest version and link to the new on-line documentation!)

  1. Read Emoslib installation instructions and install emoslib (2 times make! One without any options, and one with single precision option.)
  2. Read ECMWF's blog entry about gfortran and double precision flags
  3. Install fftw
  4. Install eccodes (or grib_api)
  5. Register for MARS access, consider available public datasets and their licences
  6. Install WebApi
  7. Make sure that LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable contains paths to all the libs
  8. Check availability of python packages required (e.g. import eccodes / import grib_api / import ecmwfapi) and install them if not present
  9. Start test retrieval
  10. Install flex_extract


  • use the same compiler and compiler (major) version all the time
  • adapt makefile to your environment

Member-state WebApi access

Website to download directly public datasets and monitor WebApi activity

General user documentation

MARS user documentation -> specifically the keywords!!!!

Information on data sets:





Plotting fields from GRIB files with python:

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