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Developer Meeting February 2024

Time: 6 Feb 2024,
Place: Hybrid / Univ of Vienna, Dept of Meteorology and Geophysics (IMGW), Vienna

Major outcomes:

  1. Version 11, coordinated by Lucie (see DevelopersWs2023), is still on the way. The content of the SPECIES files bundled with the code was discussed. Better references, and more clarity on the nature as template whose use is under the responsibility of the user needed.
  2. Conversion of to a landing page was discussed.
  3. Pirmin gave a report on behalf of Stephan Henne on the development of FLEXPART-ICON.
  4. Univ Bergen develops a turbulence scheme for artic regions.
  5. Rona gave a report on the so-called CTM version, that is a domain-filling simulation with taking up emissions and linear chemistry for sinks and special RECEPTOR output for matching satellite observations. The name LCM (linear chemistry module) would be preferable to CTM. If possible integrate into Fp11.
  6. Marina reported on a web interface for running FLEXPART developed at IMGW. It is intended to become public in the future if ressource issues are solved.
  7. Another user training is envisaged vor second half of September.


IMGW: Andreas Plach, Andreas Stohl, Anjumol Raju,* Lucie Bakels, Marina Duetsch, Omid Nabavi,* Petra Seibert, Silvia Bucci,* Sofie Wittig*
NILU: Espen Sollum,* Ignacio Pisso, Massimo Cassiani, Nalini Krishnankutty,* Rona Thompson, Sabine Eckhardt
Meteo Schweiz: Pirmin Kaufmann
Geosphere Austria: Christian Maurer, Marie Mulder
University of Bergen: Harald Sodemann, Aina Johannessen
BIRA-IASB and Univ Liège: Bert Verreyken (not active anymore in development

* not a developer

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