FLEXPART Developer Meeting April 2014

3rd meeting of FLEXPART developers

Place: ZAMG, Vienna, Austria

Time: 28 April 2013, afternoon


Anne Philipp (IMGW)
Massimo Cassiani (NILU)
Harald Sodemann (ETHZ)
Arve Kylling (guest, NILU)
Dominik Brunner (EMPA)
Petra Seibert (IMGW )
Rona Thompson (guest, NILU)
Gerhard Wotawa (ZAMG)
Delia Arnold (ZAMG)
Ignacio Pisso (NILU)
Matthias Langer (ZAMG)
Andreas Stohl (NILU)
Sabine Eckhardt (NILU)
Leopold Haimberger (IMGW )
Christian Maurer (guest, ZAMG, minutes)

New developments in the context of FLEXPART were presented:

  1. Rona: FLEXINVERT - an inverse modeling package for spatially distributed sources based on FLEXPART
  2. Harald: The tracer Release Experiment during T-NAWDEX Falcon IOP2 tracer experiment
  3. Massimo: LPDM for skewed turbulence in the CBL with vertical density gradient
  4. Leopold: ECMWF retrieval routines, new developments
  5. Ignacio: Upcoming FLEXPART version
  6. Gerhard: Report on the trac system usage

Outcome: The way to reach new releases of FLEXPART was discussed, the SVN usage rules modified. A more formalised testing will be established.

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