Feb 8, 2021:

10:43 AM Ticket #283 (eccodes error when using ERA5 data as Flexpart's input) closed by pesei
10:39 AM Ticket #288 (Installation and examples for flexpart-wrf v.3.3.2) closed by pesei
fixed: I assume that this is solved.

Feb 6, 2021:

7:06 AM Ticket #296 (Compiling fails on Mac OS 10.15 with "unable to execute command: ...) created by craymond
I am trying to compile Flexpart for the first time and would greatly …

Jan 29, 2021:

11:02 AM Ticket #140 (vertransform.f90 occasionally fails to initialize) reopened by pesei
The fix was implemented in branch univie and it was not taken …

Jan 10, 2021:

8:16 PM Ticket #295 (New interpolation scheme for precipitation) created by pesei
Implement the new precipitation interpolation method using fields at 2 …
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