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FLEXPART-WRF installation procedure

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I am trying to install FLEXPART-WRF v3.1, and I am have some questions in its installing procedure. For example, do we need Jasper and Grib_API libraries installed for this or netcdf library is the only library needed for that. Furthermore, as it is written in a related paper, we need to install netcdf4, edit par_mod.f90 and then edit and use this command: make -f omp (omp is chosen according to my PC). However, I don't know whether we should do other steps too. For instance, how we should configure FLEXPART-WRF?

Any helps would be appreciated,

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Hi, in answer to your specific questions:

  1. "do we need Jasper and Grib_API libraries installed for this"?
  • No, flexpart-wrf only reads input-data through netcdf, so you only need the netcdf-libraries.
  1. "we need to install netcdf4"
  • It is strongly recommended to use netcdf4, but netcdf3 will work as well. If you want to use netcdf3 you need to set NETCDFVERSION in accordingly. Please note that using netcdf3 will result in very large output files!
  1. "edit par_mod.f90"
  • You can skip this to begin with, par_mod.f90 contains e.g. maximum values for your domain size, number of species, number of ageclasses, etc. Changing these parameters will affect the memory usage of flexpart-wrf. I recommend you stick with the defaults to begin with and make changes later on if necessary.
  1. "edit"
  • This necessary to set your library paths, specifically the "NETCDF" and "COMPILER" variables.
  1. "For instance, how we should configure FLEXPART-WRF?"
  • Compile-time configurations are done by modifying and par_mod.f90 (i.e. there is no configure script). Run-time configurations are set in your flexwrf.input file.

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I assume that your questions are sufficiently answered and I close the ticket. If you still have questions, please add a Comment with details in this ticket.

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