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(edit) @4c64400   4 years eso Bugfix for double precision dry deposition calculation. Added … 10.4.1_peseidevrelease-10univie
(edit) @db712a8   4 years eso Completed handling of nested wind fields with cloud water (for wet … 10.4.1_peseidevrelease-10univie
(edit) @b0434e1   4 years eso Initial code to handle cloud water in nested wind fields (it is not … 10.4.1_peseidevrelease-10univie
(edit) @fddc6ec   4 years eso Added a version number string for flexpart version, that will also be … 10.4.1_peseidevrelease-10univie
(edit) @78e62dc   5 years flexpart <> New OH parameter in SPECIES files (now 3 instead of 2). New path to OH … 10.4.1_peseidevrelease-10univie
(edit) @8a65cb0   5 years espen Added code, makefile for dev branch 10.4.1_peseidevrelease-10univie
(edit) @b7ae015   5 years Ignacio.Pisso clean up runtime messages and adjust verbosity level 10.4.1_peseiFPv9.3.1FPv9.3.1b_testingFPv9.3.2devfp9.3.1-20161214-nc4grib2nc4_repairrelease-10univie
(edit) @414a5e5   5 years Ignacio.Pisso add verbose message to FLEXPART.f90 10.4.1_peseiFPv9.3.1FPv9.3.1b_testingFPv9.3.2devfp9.3.1-20161214-nc4grib2nc4_repairrelease-10univie
(edit) @b4d29ce   6 years harald.sodemann * Implemented optional namelist input for COMMAND, RELEASES, SPECIES, … 10.4.1_peseiFPv9.3.1FPv9.3.1b_testingFPv9.3.2NetCDFdepositiondevfp9.3.1-20161214-nc4grib2nc4_repairinputlistlaptoprelease-10svn-petrasvn-trunkunivie
(edit) @4fbe7a5   6 years ip version 9.2 beta. Changes from HH, AST, MC, NIK, IP. Changes in vert … 10.4.1_peseiFPv9.3.1FPv9.3.1b_testingFPv9.3.2NetCDFdepositiondevfp9.3.1-20161214-nc4grib2nc4_repairinputlistlaptoprelease-10svn-petrasvn-trunkunivie
(edit) @f13406c   6 years ip move version 9.1.8 form branches to trunk. Contributions from HSO, … 10.4.1_peseiFPv9.3.1FPv9.3.1b_testingFPv9.3.2NetCDFdepositiondevfp9.3.1-20161214-nc4grib2nc4_repairinputlistlaptoprelease-10svn-petrasvn-trunkunivie
(add) @e200b7a   8 years matthias.langer git-svn-id:
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