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(edit) @06c45e7   15 months anne.philipp added testfile for TestTools? dev
(edit) @763fcf6   15 months anne.philipp corrected function argument list of submit_job_to_ecgate dev
(edit) @451bb19   15 months anne.philipp added fail and success test for the submit_job_to_ecserver function dev
(edit) @2ad8ea5   15 months anne.philipp added a test for function get_cmdline_arguments dev
(edit) @2f4cc73   15 months anne.philipp changed testing from unittest to pytest and adapted existing testcases dev
(edit) @dda0e9d   15 months anne.philipp set path to grib1 table as global variable; test path dev
(edit) @7c82d52   15 months anne.philipp removed old doc dir and pythontest dir dev
(edit) @067a0c3   15 months anne.philipp renamed documentation dir; moved pythontest to python dir dev
(edit) @597d4d1   15 months anne.philipp deleted dev
(edit) @54a8a01   15 months anne.philipp restructuring, documentations and bug fixes dev
(edit) @e1228f3   18 months anne.philipp resolved loop import between controlfile and tools dev
(edit) @ff99eae   18 months anne.philipp completed application of pep8 style guide and pylint investigations. … dev
(edit) @ccab809   18 months anne.philipp further improved plotting routine for date selection dev
(edit) @812283d   18 months anne.philipp changed Control to ControlFile? class dev
(edit) @991df6a   18 months anne.philipp finished documentation (except plot_retrieved) dev
(edit) @efdb01a   18 months anne.philipp whole bunch of modifications due to new structure of ECMWFDATA, added … dev
(edit) @02c8c50   20 months bscannephilipp more changes in PEP8 style and slight modifications in coding style … dev
(edit) @64cf353   21 months bscannephilipp pep8 changes + documentation added + minor code style changes dev
(edit) @6180177   22 months bscannephilipp added Affiliation dev
(edit) @ab3dbdd   22 months bscannephilipp added separations between modules, class and funtions dev
(edit) @9ac56ea   22 months bscannephilipp changed header style and added ChangeHistory? section dev
(edit) @507d47f   22 months bscannephilipp pep8 changes + docs added + todo on dev
(edit) @a4b6cef   22 months bscannephilipp pep8 changes on dev
(edit) @b780393   22 months anne.philipp added the converted doc files into pdf dev
(add) @d69b677   22 months bscannephilipp original ECMWFDATA v7.0.2 from dev
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