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Material of the FLEXPART V10.3 training: 1-3 July 2019

The material consist of presentations from the lectures and exercises, files needed per exercise and one recording. Beside this, there is the bashrc file that was used for this course, a script to download GFS data, a script to generate an AVAILABLE file and a script to process and plot the output (for tracer, nuclear and volcanic simulations).

The course was given with Flexpart version 10.3, but should be forward compatible. To obtain the latest version:

git clone  --branch release-10 --single-branch

We recommend using ECMWF data, of which the retrieval is explained in the lecture and exercise on flex_extract. However, results obtained with GFS data are also included in this course.

If you work in a bash shell and you do not have a bashrc file yet: save the bashrc file to your home directory and rename it by added a dot in front: .bashrc. If you already have a tailored bashrc or do not work in bash: check if you have the listed packages.

For any questions concerning this material, contact: marie.mulder[at] For questions related to the specific topics, email addresses are included in the presentations.

The course material including slides and software can be downloaded from here

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