Jul 21, 2021:

9:21 AM Ticket #42 (ECMWF pre-processor too heavy) closed by pesei
worksforme: Because now etadot is available in operational fields and ERA5, this …
8:52 AM Ticket #285 (MARS request for ERA5 surface flux data returns "No data is available" ...) closed by anphi
8:49 AM Ticket #229 (flex_extract requires grib_api even when run in gateway mode) closed by anphi
fixed: fixed in v7.1.2

Jul 9, 2021:

7:04 AM Ticket #305 (FLEXTRA fails with NCEP GFS data after 2021-03-22) created by hcpxvi
FLEXTRA fails when used with NCEP GFS data for dates after …

Jul 2, 2021:

11:01 AM Ticket #304 (INSTALLDIR not passed to the installation) created by jkeune
Dear Anne / all, this is to report a really minor bug. In […] …
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