Apr 29, 2019:

9:03 AM Changeset in gitolite-admin [3798f3a] by Mag.Paul Skomorowski (ZAMG) <paul.skomorowski@…>
Granted Anne Philipp write access to flexpart-repo modified: …

Apr 28, 2019:

7:53 PM Changeset in flexpart.git [328fdf9]10.4.1_peseiGFS_025bugfixes+enhancementsdevrelease-10release-10.4.1scaling-bug by Espen Sollum ATMOS <eso@…>
bugfix: particles were lost at start of global domain filling run. …

Apr 19, 2019:

10:46 AM Changeset in flexpart.git [5d74ed9]10.4.1_peseiGFS_025bugfixes+enhancementsdevrelease-10release-10.4.1scaling-bug by Sabine <sabine.eckhardt@…>
BUG: var numpclwch in readwind_gfs was not defined
10:40 AM Changeset in flexpart.git [7873bf7]10.4.1_peseiGFS_025bugfixes+enhancementsdevrelease-10release-10.4.1scaling-bug by Sabine <sabine.eckhardt@…>
added isec1 for CLWR in gfs, pointsource, smaller range according to …

Apr 16, 2019:

11:06 AM Changeset in flex_extract.git [ee06999]ctbtodev by pesei <petra seibert @…>
Initial version of Fortran documentation with FORD v5

Apr 12, 2019:

10:03 PM Ticket #238 (Inconsistency when shifting longitudes?) created by ahilboll
I'm looking at how longitudes are being handled by FLEXPART, and I …

Apr 8, 2019:

3:17 PM FpOthermetinput edited by pesei
7:54 AM New download FLEXPART-AROMEv121.tar.gz created by admin
(295.5 MB) Flexpart-AROME Version 1.2.1

Apr 5, 2019:

6:23 PM FpLimitedareaArome edited by jbrioude
6:23 PM FpLimitedareaArome created by jbrioude
6:17 PM FpOthermetinput edited by jbrioude
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