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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#49 erf.f90 type mismatch with newer gfortran compilers assigned Defect major FLEXPART 10 FP coding/compilation
#119 random numbers with fixed seeds in convective scheme assigned Defect major FLEXPART_WRF_3.4_FPbase_9 FP physics/numerics
#222 Richardson Failure - Flexpart WRF 3.3 assigned Support major FLEXPART_WRF_3.4_FPbase_9 FP input data
#242 richardson not working -- bad h assigned Defect major FLEXPART_WRF_3.4_FPbase_9 FP coding/compilation
#216 how to know endpoint of each released particle assigned Defect minor FLEXPART_WRF_3.4_FPbase_9 FP input data
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