Release v7.1.2


  • changed naming of template files

  • separate loading of Python3 module in remote mode is no longer necessary

  • updated module versions for ECMWF servers

  • changed names of working directories on ECMWF servers

  • select makefile automatically regarding application mode if it was not set in

  • updated online documentation

  • converted most important Fortran code documentation from German to English

  • deactivate writing of VERTICAL.EC file by Fortran code

  • adapt and improve Fortran regression test scripts

  • remove jasper lib from Fortran makefiles

Release v7.1.1

Bug fixes

  • corrected naming of makefiles and Fortran program executable in online documentation

  • adapted checking for GATEWAY and DESTINATION parameter

  • fixed Fortran makefiles to use the .f90 files on ECMWF servers

Release v7.1

New Features

  • first set of UNIT tests

  • first set of regression tests

  • structured documentation with Sphinx

  • local retrieval via CDS API for ERA 5 data

  • simplified installation process

  • disaggregation of precipitation with a new algorithm


  • upgraded to Python3

  • applied PEP8 style guide

  • use of genshi templates

  • modularization of Python source code

  • upgrade from grib_api to ecCodes

  • completely revised/refactored Python section

  • restructured program directories

  • Fortran program name changed from CONVERT2 to calc_etadot

Release v7.0.4

New Features

  • Ensemble retrieval for ENFO and ELDA stream (ZAMG specific with extra synthesized ensembles for ELDA stream)

Bug fixes

  • various problems with ERA 5 retrieval

  • various problems with CERA-20C retrieval

  • BASETIME retrieval option

  • CONVERT2 FORTRAN program: initialise fields to 0. (introduced initialization of field variable in the Fortran program with field=0. in file rwGRIB2.f90 to avoid getting unreasonable large numbers.)

Release v7.0.3

New Features

  • output of MARS requests to an extra file (debugging and documentation)

  • CERA-20C download

  • ERA 5 download

  • public user interface with ECMWF Web API

  • use of ECMWF Web API for local retrieval version

Release v7.0.2

New Features

  • Python-based version


  • korn shell scripts substituted by Python scripts

Release v0.1 - v6.0

  • old version which should no longer be used