Ticket system

The community website contains a ticket system which can be used to report any issue or to propose new features.

The tickets can be viewed by anyone, to create a ticket a registration is necessary. Since the automatic registration is unavailable, please send an email to the[at] and you will receive your credentials (possibly with some delay). Event though a category “Support” is available, in most cases asking questions in the mailing list (see next paragraph below) will be more appropriate.

Mailing list

A mailing list exists for the FLEXPART users to ask questions or share experiences with the community, regarding the whole FLEXPART process. This may be faster than asking only the developers for help through tickets. Since flex_extract is a preprocessor to FLEXPART this is the right place to ask for help.

New release versions of FLEXPART or flex_extract or other important annoucements will also be made through this mailling list. The subscription process is explained at the bottom of Once subscribed, write e-mail to flexpart[at] to post to the list.

Reporting an issue

To properly report a problem or bug, please provide as much information as possible. This includes: * the flex_extract version * a flex_extract log file (output of script) * the CONTROL file * the command-line arguments or run(_local).sh settings and * a description of your environment (Unix/Linux version, library version, application mode, etc.).

Known bugs and issues

A collection of reported and detected bugs and issues with solutions can be found here.


A list of frequently asked questions and hints for the application of flex_extract can be found here.