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ID File Description Size Uploaded Downloads Uploader Component Version Platform Type
ECMWF data extraction
ECMWF data extraction
Flexpart Version 10.3 beta
ECMWF data extraction Version 7.0.2
FLEXTRA Version 3.2b
Flexpart-WRF Version 3.3.1
Flexpart Version 9.0.3
Flexpart Version 6.0
FLEXTRA Version 3.2d
FLEXTRA Version 3.2c
FLEXTRA Version 3.0
FLEXTRA Version 2.0
FLEXTRA Version 4.0
FLEXTRA Version 3.1
Flexpart Version 5.1
Flexpart Version 6.4
Flexpart Version 6.1
ECMWF data extraction
Flexpart Version 6.2
FLEXTRA Version 5.0
The FLEXPART logo in different formats and resolutions including a QR Code for
Flexpart 9.2 beta
Flexpart-WRF Version 3.3
ECMWF data extraction
wrf testcases
preprocess ECMWF Version 4
FLEXPART Version 6 Dokumentation
flexpart wrf v3.0
Flexpart Version 5.0
Flexpart-WRF Version 3.3.2
flexpart wrf v3.2 beta
Flexpart Version 8.2.1
Flexpart Version 8.2.2
Flexpart Version 9.0
Flexpart Version 8.2.3
Flexpart Version 9.0.1
postprocess ab Version 8.2
preprocess ECMWF Version 2.1
flexpart wrf v3.1 testcases
Flexpart Version 8.2
Flexpart Version 8.1
Flexpart-AROME Version 1.2.1
flexpart wrf v3.1
Material of the FLEXPART V10.3 training 2019
Flexpart Version 9.3 (CTBTO-Project)
FLEXPART source code with modifications of CTBTO project Work Package 4, including GRIB2FLEXPART utility
Flexpart Version 10.4
FLEXPART Version 8.2 Dokumentation
NorESM Meteofiles
Flexpart Version 9.0.2
Flexpart Source Code used in Course Vienna
Start up files used in Course Vienna
Hello World example
Example volcano application
Simple backward example
Forward example 2
Forward example 1
Training Notes of Course Vienna
Example meteo files
wrf data
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