Ticket #316: minimum values.txt

File minimum values.txt, 357 bytes (added by jshafer, 2 years ago)

Attached are the minimum values after a 1 month run with two species and 5 million particles released.

1Minimum conc:     <xarray.DataArray 'WD_spec001' ()>
2array(-0.00052358, dtype=float32)
3Minimum conc:     <xarray.DataArray 'WD_spec002' ()>
4array(-2.4094741e-05, dtype=float32)
5Minimum conc:     <xarray.DataArray 'DD_spec001' ()>
6array(-0.00128655, dtype=float32)
7Minimum conc:     <xarray.DataArray 'DD_spec002' ()>
8array(-0.00093488, dtype=float32)
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