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    1 = This is the Development page for [wiki:IntroFlex FLEXPART] =
     1= These are the Development pages for FLEXPART =
    3 This page is under (permanent) construction :-)
     3“FLEXPART (“FLEXible PARTicle dispersion model”) is a Lagrangian model suitable for the simulation of a large range of atmospheric transport processes. Applications range from the dispersion of radionuclides or air pollutants, over the establishment of flow climatologies, to the analysis of Earth’s water cycle. FLEXPART also produces output suitable for inverse determination of emission sources, e.g., of greenhouse gases or volcanic ash.
    5 You will find here
     5FLEXPART is a further development of its predecessor FLEXTRA (“FLEXible TRAjectory model”). Both FLEXTRA and FLEXPART have been open source models since the beginning and, over time have found a large international user community. In addition to the reference version of FLEXPART which is based on meteorological data from ECMWF or GFS, several branches of FLEXPART have been developed, which can be run with meteorological data from mesoscale models.
     7With the growing number of FLEXPART users, it has become important to provide a platform where the FLEXPART community can effectively exchange information, further develop the model together, and provide help to new users. The main FLEXPART developers have together chosen this platform for organizing their collaborative work and keeping track of the changes in FLEXPART. We would like to ask also all other users to share not only further developments of FLEXPART but also all other (e.g., post-processing or plotting) tools related to FLEXPART which may be useful for others.”
     9In this WIKI you ll find
    711== Files ==
    8  *    SvnFlexpart
    9  *    MiscFiles
    10  *    TestFiles
    11  *    InputFiles
    12  *    DownloadsOld
    13  *    DownloadsOther
     12 *    [wiki:SvnFlexpart The actual development files]
     13 *    [wiki:MiscFiles other useful utilities]
     14 *    [wiki:TestFiles files for testing the setup]
     15 *    [wiki:InputFiles Input files for FLEXPART runs]
     16 *    [wiki:DownloadsOld older Versions of FLEXPART]
     17 *    [wiki:DownloadsOther other Versions of FLEXPART for special use]
    1519== and Information related to FLEXPART ==
    17  *    FlexpartGpl
    18  *    InstallFlex
    19  *    FlexpartLiteratur
    20  *    DeveloperFlexpart
    21  *    ModelForecast
    22  *    PreProcess
    23  *    PostProcess
    24  *    UseFlex
    25  *    ModelBack
    26  *    ModelInfo
    27  *    InstallHint
     21 *    [wiki:FlexpartGpl The licence of FLEXPART]
     22 *    [wiki:InstallFlex How to install the program]
     23 *    [wiki:FlexpartLiteratur Literature]
     24 *    [wiki:DeveloperFlexpart Information about the Developer]
     25 *    [wiki:PreProcess Info on getting the Data ready for FLEXPART]
     26 *    [wiki:PostProcess Info on using the FLEXPART output]
     27 *    [wiki:UseFlex Info about using FLEXPART]
     28 *    [wiki:InstallHint Installation and Setup Hints]
    2829 *    HowTos