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Short description of the system

Two software systems are running at

  • svn, source-code repository and version control system.
  • trac, web-based software project management and bug/issue tracking system

The svn is used as a back-end in trac but its user management is separate.

Within trac there are two major part

  • the wiki
  • the ticket system

Within the wiki pages can be created and modified (only EXCEPTION is the frontpage).

Please look at the naming schema as visible from the TitleIndex and name a new page according to this convention, so that it appears in the right place in the TitleIndex.

The instruction how to use trac is documented in the TracGuide as well as the Trac wiki pages which can be located through the TitleIndex.


If you want something changed within please write a ticket (Component System aspects).

All developers and the admin are notified automatically.

For any communication with/between developers, ZAMG would also propose to use the ticket system. This will assure that everything is documented and archived for further reference.

If a proposed change is considered minor, we (ZAMG) will implement if no developer disagrees within 1 working day.

If a proposed change is considered not minor, we (ZAMG) will implement if no developer disagrees within 3 working days, and at least 3 developer agree.

The system is maintained by ZAMG. As a matter of internal IT security policy, administrator rights are limited to ZAMG IT staff.

hosted by ZAMG