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Roadmap of FLEXPART Versions

This roadmap gives an overview of the planned and the most recent FLEXPART versions. It shall be expanded back into the past. Order is reverse chronologically. For previous versions, see for details. What is below will gradually be expanded.

Version 10

VersionDate released DownloadImportant changesMain authorLibs req.
10 in preparation--Wet deposition using cloud ice and water, skewed CBL turbulence; see Milestone 10Espen and others (NILU)

Version 9
Note that versions <=9.1 are not yet ready for Grib Version 2. Without applying some changes, you can only use Grib1 input data!

VersionDate releasedDownloadImportant changesMain authorLibs req.
9.32016-06-02downloads/54implementation of CTBTO project. WARNING: this is not a production-ready version. Some functionality of Fp is not supported+Don (Borealscience) and others
9.2in preparation--major code review, effiency and bug fixes, see #101+Petra (BOKU/UNIVIE)
9.2beta 2014-11-05no download changeset:31Grib2 met data supported, #101 netcdf output, unifies several separate additions, general streamlining; see Milestone 9.2Harald (ETHZ), Ignacio (NILU)
9.1 2014-07-03no download changeset:27 #94 namelist input Harald (ETHZ)see v8.2
9.0.3*2018-06-01downloads/60bug fixes: #139 (bad do loop), #49 (erf type)+Petrasee v8.2
9.0.22012-05-10downloads/7 see v8.2
9.0.1 downloads/8 see v8.2
9.0 2012-01-11 downloads/6 code in f90 free format(NILU) see v8.2

Version 8

VersionDate releasedDownloadImportant changesMain authorLibs req.
8.2.32011-08-04downloads/4 bugfix verttransform see v8.2
8.2.22011-05-19downloads/3 bugfix domainfill see v8.2
8.2.12011-05-16downloads/2 bugfix outgrid_ini, wetdepo see v8.2
8.2 2010-11-29 downloads/5 supports GRIB2, some dynamic memory alloc, ... detailsNILUjasper>1.900.1 grib_api>1.8 emos>372(opt.)
8.12009-07-02downloads/1 mostly bugfixes. More space for windfield names. detailsNILU
8.02008-09-02n/abelow/in-cloud wet scav., unified ECMWF/NFS, modified output format ... Sabine Eckhardt (NILU) jasper, grib_api


VersionYear Important changesMain authorLibs req.
7 not released?
6.42005-11GFS versionwith S. Eckhardt
6.12005-02convection improvments, domain-filling, output nestsA. Stohl, C. Forsteremos
5.12004-03better bwd simulations and i/owith P. Seibert and A. Frank
5.02002-08better bwd simulations and i/owith P. Seibert and A. Frank
42001-06convection schemewith P. Seibert
31999-07density correctionwith D. Thomson
21997-10deposition added, validated with ETEX A. Stohl
11996mean and turbulent transportA. Stohl

* Version presently recommended for users

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