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FLEXPART - WRF versions

  • (NEW) [downloads:FpWrf3.0 FLEXPART-WRF version 3.0] Developed by J. Brioude et al. (2013). This is the most recent version of FLEXPART-WRF, based on FLEXPART 9.02, with parallel computing capabilities, netCDF output and several options for the vertical wind among other characteristics. The code is acompanied by [downloads:testcases testcase input data] and also the corresponding [downloads:testcases testcase input data]
  • FLEXPART for WRF Repository in Japan - many thanks to Saji N. Hameed for this development
  • FLEXPART for WRF large file (440 MB) - many thanks to Jerome Fast for this development. Based on FLEXPART 6.2.
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