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    105105The general motivation behind the environment is to protect the entire FLEXPART code base from the introduction of unexpected bugs, while allowing users to determine readily whether their current implementation is working in full.  An environment that can run through a comprehensive set of tests is the primary goal, coupled with a discipline of running the full set of tests every time a change is introduced into the master branch.  The enhancements to the testing environment that were introduced in this work order helped us to build a code base that we have increased confidence in, as well as allowing us to discover several problems in our own code, and in the original FLEXPART v9.2 code.
     106    * Prior to the start of this work order, a number of changes were made to the testing environment based on initial experiences in its use
     107        * The ability to specify a makefile in the XML test specification file was removed, and the makefile must now be specified on the command line when invoking the test.  This was done because makefile are very specific to the system they are running on, and we didn't want users to have to edit the XML test specification files every time they downloaded a new test environment.  It made more sense for users to be able to simply specify a makefile that they already had on their system.  After facilitating the command-line specification of makefile, we removed the ability to specify it in XML files because we felt that having both capabilities would get very confusing
     108        * Added flags for specifying that temporary test directories could be saved in the event of a successful test.  By default they would be removed, to save space
     109        * Other minor changes meant to get the testing environment up to speed for beginning Work Package 8 included the addition of nested input test cases, as well as general code ehancements
     111    * One of the major problems that was facing our testing environment was that it had a broad collection of test cases - many with poor naming conventions - and we frequently got confused over which cases should be run, or had been run, after majour project milestones.  We realized that we wanted the general FLEXPART user to be able to run a single command and have a comprehensive set of tests performed, giving an immediate (within 2-15 minutes, depending on depth of tests) indication of whether the system was running correctly or not.  Anything short of this would make it difficult to encourage the discipline of Test Driven Development (TDD) and frequent testing of the system after modifications  A description of this enhancement is described in  '''[ADD WIKI PAGE]'''
     113    * The existing test environment documentation was reviewed and modified.  A number of cosmetic and code-based changes were made, but the primary changes came from the realization that the documentation was very technical, and would be difficult for new users to understand.  Therefore, the primary document, '''[ADD  LINK]''' was modified with two links at the beginning which pointed to more "hands-on" documents, including a quick-start page '''[ADD  LINK]'''. Note - these two pages are best viewed in a browser with a markdown extension.
     114    * In a credit to the value of the testing environment, while trying to add deposition test cases some problems with the Work Package 4 implementation of met input preprocessing was discovered. They are described in more detail at '''[ADD WIKI PAGE]'''
    108116=== 2. Completed FLEXPART code with the VTABLES ===