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GRIB library

FLEXPART expects meteorological input files to be in GRIB format, thus a GRIB decoding library is needed. GRIB is a compressed binary format for meteorological fields including metadata, defined by WMO.

There is GRIB1 and GRIB2 format. Since V8.0, FLEXPART can read GRIB2 (as well as GRIB1). Current operational NCEP GFS model data are disseminated in the GRIB2 format.

A recommended GRIB library implementation is ECMWF's GRIB_API. A Version >= 1.6.1 is needed for reading GRIB2 data. It can read the GRIB1 format as well. For backward compatiblity, the EMOS GRIB library can still be used (although it can only work with GRIB1 data).

Recommended sources for GRIB libraries:

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