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    1 '''Training on dispersion modelling with FLEXPART 10: 1-3 July 2019'''
     1'''Material of the FLEXPART V10.3 training: 1-3 July 2019'''
    3 A 3-day training includes theory on and exercises with the Lagrangian particle dispersion model FLEXPART 10. The basic parameterizations, as well as specific ones for version 10 will be covered. Several exercises will illustrate the range of application of the model: volcanic eruptions, radionuclides, green-house gases, dust, etc. Depending on the interest of participants, the operational usage can also be covered.
     3The material consist of presentations from the lectures and exercises, files needed per exercise and one recording. Beside this, there is the FLEXPART tar that was used for this course, a bashrc file, a script to download GFS data, a script to generate an AVAILABLE file and a script to process and plot the output (for tracer, nuclear and volcanic simulations). We recommend using ECMWF data, of which the retrieval is explained in the lecture and exercise on flex_extract. However, results obtained with GFS data are also included in this course.
    5 This training is for both beginners as well as experienced uses that want to learn more about the physics of FLEXPART, the range of applications and/or the FLEXPART 10 specifications. However, a few basic prerequisites apply: Good English language skills, familiarity with basic Linux commands, some scientific background, and at least basic knowledge on atmospheric physics.
     5If you are do not have a bashrc file yet: save the bashrc file to your home directory and rename it by added a dot in front: .bashrc. In case you already have a tailored bashrc, just download and add the listed packages.
    7 The training will be held at ZAMG (Vienna, Austria). The maximum number of participants is limited to 16. Following the training remotely (with a Skype link), will be possible for an unlimited number of people. Doing the exercises, and asking questions by Skype will be possible for a limited number of people (probably 5). The plan is to record all the sessions, and make them available on Costs for the training and lunch are covered by ZAMG, travel and accommodation costs have to be paid by the participants.
     7For any questions concerning this material, contact: marie.mulder[at] For questions related to the specific topics, email addresses are included in the presentations.