FLEXPART Developer Meeting April 2017

6th FLEXPART developer meeting

Place: AIT, Vienna, Austria

Time: 21 April 2017, 09:00 - 12:30

Major Outcomes

Important decisions:

  • Mechanism for the release of feature-complete versions
  • We will use automatic documentation with DOXYGEN

Other topics:

  • Fp Developers meeting longer than the current EGU side event would be good
  • Discussion on ECMWF extraction scripts
  • Sabine has implemented SRS for deposition
  • COSMO version - sloping coordinate surfaces will have to be considered for 1 km grid
  • Work on global CH4 simulation with domain-filling version
  • Discussion on v10 with parallelisation and improved wet deposition
  • Discussion on v9.3 (CTBTO project). One important experience was that fully dynamic allocation of variables can lead to bad performance.
  • New developments in Japan, couping with NIES-TM Eulerian model and using JCDAS met input.
  • Discussion on testing environment, no conclusion.


(note: some are guests. Not all are active developers.)

Andreas Stohl (NILU)
Christian Maurer (ZAMG)
Delia Arnold (ZAMG)
Don Morton (UAF)
Espen Sollum (NILU)
Harald Sodemann (University of Bergen)
Ignacio Pisso (NILU)
Jolanta Kusmierczyk-Michulec (CTBTO)
Marielle Mulder (ZAMG)
Nina I. Kristiansen (NILU)
Petra Seibert (BOKU)
Pierre Bourgouin (CTBTO)
Rona Thompson (NILU)
Sabine Eckhardt (NILU)
Shamil Maksyutov, Japan (NIES)
Stephan Henne (EMPA)

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