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FLEXPART Developer Meeting April 2014

3rd meeting of FLEXPART developers

Place: ZAMG, Vienna, Austria

Time: 28 April 2013, afternoon


Leopold H.
Gerhard W.
Christian M.
Delia A.
Andi S.
Sabine E.
Ignacio P.
Rona T.
Harald S.
Massimo C.
Arve K.
Anne P. (will leave earlier)
Petra S. (will leave earlier)
Dominik Brunner

Preliminary agenda:

  1. Leopold: The ECMWF retrieval routines
  2. Ignacio: The latest FLEXPART version
  3. Massimo: The new convective PBL scheme
  4. Rona: FLEXINVERT - an inverse modeling package for spatially distributed sources based on FLEXPART
  5. Gerhard / Christian?: Current status of
  6. Dominik: Status of FLEXPART-COSMO
  7. Harald: The TNF tracer experiment

Possible decisions:

  • Version hierarchy and tarball naming scheme: ticket:46
  • Future Roadmap (what should go into the version after 9.2?)
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