source: flexpart.git

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
documentation 6b2046d   5 years flexpart <> update documentation: flexpart9.2.tex
options 74d96de   3 weeks ip change default emitted mass in options/RELEASES
options.reference 0ff3b23   10 months ip add options.reference/ containing previous versions of user input files
src 10bfff9   4 weeks rlt removed flush statement from concoutput_inversion
.gitignore 91 bytes f976c5d   10 months ip add FLEXPART executables to .gitignore
AVAILABLE 1.2 KB 968e8c1   10 months ip add AVAILABLE for ERA5 default winds 9.5 KB 941db73   3 months ip update
pathnames 65 bytes a263405   9 months ip change defuault EA winds
pathnames_ECMWF_OPER 180 bytes 898f494   10 months Ignacio.Pisso add pathnames with NILU ECMWF_OPER winds 1.2 KB 6616daf   11 months ip changes to README and 7.3 KB ec7fc72   3 years eso Minor cosmetic edits

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